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25840 Worton-Lynch Road
Worton, MD 21678

Hagie 470 We understand the hard work and innovation that goes into successfully producing a crop. Applying chemical and fertilizer, pruning, topping, and harvesting in standing crops often requires specialized equipment. When those standing crops are very tall and damage affects your bottom line true high clearance is needed to get the job done. However, many of us can't justify the cost of new high clearance tractors. While the Hagie 470 and 8500 series that we carried are no longer available, we still maintain a stock of spare parts for these units while supplies last.
Hagie 473 Produced by Hagie Manufacturing in the mid Seventies, the Hagie 470 Series represented state-of-the-art drive technology that is still viable today. We stock most major components and chassis assemblies in our used parts inventory. We also stock an assortment of new parts. New drive train components are often available "off the shelf" from distributors of Sundstrand and Eaton. However, we can offer take off components at substantial savings, depending on availability.
So for your parts needs give us a call or Email us for availability or directions to the farm. We look forward to serving you.


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