imag0039.jpg (95594 bytes)

Nylon bridle on left --- leather on right

imag0040.jpg (70757 bytes)

Breast collar      3" wide

Shoulder ( neck) strap  adjusts from 24" - 29"

imag0042.jpg (53223 bytes)

Detail of breastcollar

imag0043.jpg (56104 bytes)

checkrein hook

imag0045.jpg (99112 bytes)

Saddle approx 70"  girth 14" from buckle to buckle for a total of about 84"

(sorry the picture is so blurry)

imag0046.jpg (63890 bytes)

Breeching 34"  back strap ( turnback) adjusts from 24" - 29" from saddle to crupper fork

Hip strap adjusts from 38" - 42"

imag0047.jpg (59894 bytes)

2 sets of reins and overcheck

imag0048.jpg (48515 bytes)

2 sets of pads - velcro is worn but still works pads are in VG shape

imag0049.jpg (105658 bytes) imag0050.jpg (43526 bytes)

Trace extenders

~max0004.jpg (83537 bytes)

Harness in use - horse, cart, humans, floppy antlers and

bell keychain NOT included! :-)

Harness is sold as is. I never used the nylon bridle because it was too big

and I did not use the checkrein or the wide reins that came with it ( personal prefs).


There is some wear on the second slot of each trace because they were the ones I used all the time.

Carriage driving should only be undertaken with proper training of both horse & driver.

Note: I forgot to put the breeching ( holdback) straps in the picture but they are on the harness.


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