Used W1 series Torque Hub Parts

Bdrive_spacer.jpg (5911 bytes) Part #1901001  Thrust spacer, "B" drive   $10
Cover_cap.jpg (9169 bytes) Part #1900402  Cover Cap  $20
internal_gear.jpg (11493 bytes) Part #1400066  Internal Gear  $50
ring_gear.jpg (9947 bytes) Part #1500073  Ring gear  $45
shoulder_bolt.jpg (5974 bytes) Part #1930201  Shoulder Bolt  $1
Thrust_spacer.jpg (7088 bytes) Part #1200301  Thrust Washer  $2

O-rings (AS568A Areospace standard)

AS568-# FairField Part # Description Price
AS568-165 1940001 Ring Gear seal (upper, stretched)* $2.87
AS568-166 1940001 Ring Gear seal (lower, compressed)* $2.92
AS568-112 940001 Lockout plunger seal $0.12
AS568-023 940002 Cover Cap seal $0.20
AS568-152  n/a Motor Mounting Seal,  SAE A size $0.90
AS568-155 n/a Motor Mounting Seal,  SAE B size $1.23

* Due to slight differences in the size above and below the ring gear in most of our hubs we find a slightly different size above and below the ring gear to be easiest to install.  The lower ring is slightly compressed in its boss and the upper ring is slightly stretched before installation.  A small amount of

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