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Caving related collection of
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Flawed Gems
or, what can happen when you use crappy camera equipment.

Cave Security(s).jpg (6471 bytes) Rob, in deep concentration, prepares to thwart Cave Mountain Cave's laser based security system.  Rob is a professional, don't try this at home.

Cave: Cave Mountain cave
Date: classified.  (would you chronicle clandestine activities?)
Photo by: Andy Wessel
inner_sanctum_sm.jpg (13461 bytes) Kathy, Bill and Ken said something about using cold fusion to open the dimensional gate.  It all went over this country boy's head.  Hope the cave owner didn't mind the fallout radiation.

Cave: Hottinger's
Date: also classified  (in other words, can't remember)
Photo by: Andy Wessel



National Speleological Society
Commander Cody Caving Club

Gearing up? Links for interest, info and suppliers

Dr. Gary Storricks Vertical Gear Page


Due to problems with my website host's server. My caving pictures page was totally destroyed.  Reconstruction is ongoing. Just as soon as I can get a new camera. :)

Andy Wessel  NSS 45415

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